Artist Statement

Through our dreams, we make contact with a vast, yet elusive side of ourselves. My work merges flora and fauna, the outside world with identity and our collective consciousness. I draw inspiration from nature’s paradoxical beauty to create work that stands out for its regal impact and sensitivity. My inspiration comes from an interest in the indigenous cultures of the Amazon, Aboriginal people of Australia, and the Yoruba tribe of West Africa. I am fascinated with the garments and textiles of Native Americans in addition to themes of Afrofuturism because of their connections with nature. With the vocabulary of indigenous art and my dreams, I create whimsical forms resulting in a diary of self-mythology.

My work explores the cultural disparity of self-realization, assimilation, and transnational identity. Using direct or implied human figures, I am interested in exploring narratives of vulnerability, isolation, and alienation within various cultures across the globe. The theme of flora and fauna falls heavily into my work; the root, stem, and leaf comprise a complex capillary network that symbolically evokes the underlying context of our connection to nature. This connection is itself part of the larger web of existence, and how it is categorized and dissected in many fashions in search of balance and truth.

Photo by Pedro Wazzan

Photo by Pedro Wazzan

Selected Press // Publications // Collaborations 

Issue 11 Blue Canvas Magazine, , Urbanite Magazine: Transcend Fashion Show, The Chronicle of Higher Education: Genuine Articles Fashion Show, 
The Black Male Identity Project, Baltimore Sun Newspaper “Double Consciousness’ Exhibition at Laurel’s C- Street Gallery”, NAACP National ACT-SO Gold Medalists,
Teen Ink Magazine, The Rooster Issue 8, MICArotica Vol. 2,  From A Window,  A Contemporary Poetry Volume by Eber & Wein Publishing  “The Butterfly Effect”.